Tria Health Provider Advisory Council Improves Quality of Patient Care

Tria Health recently formed a Provider Advisory Council to enhance thought leadership and the quality of patient-centered care. Approximately three out of four Americans don’t take their medications as prescribed, resulting in serious medication-related health problems. This issue, referred to as non-adherence, caused the U.S. an alarming $317B in avoidable health care expenses in 2011. Committed to solving this national health care concern, Tria Health offers individualized support in which Tria clinical pharmacists work closely with patients and physicians to ensure the safety, affordability and effectiveness of a patient’s medication regimen. The Tria Health Provider Advisory Council will guide the development of communication standards and methods to improve the coordination of care between the patient, physician and pharmacist.

The increasingly high numbers of non-adherence and the resulting medication-related health complications suggest a missing link within the health care industry. Tria Health offers a solution based on the critical importance of improved coordination of care, including: the pharmacist, who is the medication expert; the patients’ physician(s), who prescribe all medications; and the patient, who must be aware of their resources and educated on how to get the best results from their medications. Tria Health established the Provider Advisory Council to further develop this partnership of trust between pharmacists, physicians and patients.

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