National Women’s Health Week

Jessica Lea
Jessica Lea, Pharm.D., President of Tria Health

A note from Jessica Lea, President of Tria Health, on National Women’s Health Week.

As I was sitting in my final class retreat this weekend to graduate with my MBA, I was moved by a very important story that was told by Father Thomas Curran, President of Rockhurst University.  He stressed the importance of taking care of oneself physically and mentally and likened the importance of this to hearing the flight attendants discuss what to do in an emergency.  Flight attendants always instruct passengers to first fasten their own oxygen mask before helping those around them. Why? Because if you don’t take care yourself first and foremost, you won’t be in any condition to help others.

National Women’s Health Week aims to increase awareness and encourage women to take care of their health, wellness and safety. Women are often so busy taking care of loved ones that we lose sight of our own needs.

If we can all spend time each day focusing on what our body needs, we will be better equipped to take care of those around us.  Thanks to Father Curran for the great and timely advice!  It relates so well to all of the important items we should consider this week as we remind those who we love to take a moment fulfill our own needs so we can be better to those around us!

Visit for more information about National Woman’s Health Week.

Written by Jessica Lea, Pharm.D. | @JessLeaPharmD

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