Increasing the Value of Health Care

Matt Baki
Matt Baki, Account Executive, Tria Health

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, the Mid-America Coalition on Health Care held a half day seminar title The Road to Better Care, Transparency and Value.  Bringing together representatives from all areas: providers, payers and employers, the Coalition successfully provided an outlet for discussions around the most pressing issues in health care.  Such topics included:

  • Collaboration between multi-stakeholders to improve the quality of health care and value-based reimbursements
  • Emerging care delivery models through patient center medical homes (PCMH), the medical neighborhood and accountable care organization
  • Evaluating the landscape of Private Exchanges and what employers need to consider

While 95% of employers believe there is a link between health and productivity, we need to continuously challenge each other to provide a higher level of service at the patient level.  As Jack Nightingale, Vice President of the Healthcare Practice for The Benfield Group stated, there’s no national solution to health care; it needs to be dealt with on a local level.  And our goal should be to increase the “Value” of health care we provide:


In order to accomplish this goal however, we all need to give a little.  Providers and payers will need to share patient data and work together; employers and consultants can drive market change through value-based purchasing and trying new ideas; and at the patient level, the ownership is on us to take better care of our health, utilize the benefits we are given, and control our cost through proper utilization.

Written by Matt Baki, Account Executive at Tria Health | @mattbaki

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