Industry Insights from the 2015 MTM and Medication Adherence Innovations Summit

The 2015 MTM and Medication Adherence Innovations Summit was held in Phoenix, AZ. A few of our Tria Health team members attended and have summarized the important insights they gained from the conference.

Defining Non-adherence:

Medication non-adherence is when a person misses doses or doesn’t take their medications properly 80% of the time.

Important takeaways from the conference were:

  1. The importance of motivational interviewing.  Tria Pharmacists use motivational interviewing to engage and empower patients to make educated decisions about their health care.
  2. 66% of people don’t know why they take their medication.  Without understanding why and how to take their medication, patients don’t always realize the negative impacts to their health when they don’t take their medication the correct way.
  3. Education is key for increasing medication compliance.  Sometimes a patient does not have the ability to understand all the different medication terminology. That is why a pharmacist is so important.  Their goal is break down the terminology to help patients better understand and connect with their medicine.
  4. Behavior change is hard and requires a consistent message.  In a high touch model, it takes at least 7 times for a patient to change their behavior.

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