Clean Medicine Start for a New Year!

Each year millions of us resolve to take better care of ourselves and families.  Often this is a resolution to eat better,  quit smoking,  be more consistent with medicines, or even lose weight to get off a medication or two.  Why not start the New Year with a clean medicine cabinet?

Gather all your medications and supplements together, and follow these guidelines:

  • Take stock of what you have and refill chronic medications you will soon need.
  • Expired or rarely used medications should be thrown out.
  • If you have not used the medication or supplement in the last 6 months and do not see a likely need for it in the next 6 months dispose of this too.
  • For tips on proper disposal, check out these guidelines on the FDA’s website or visit
  • If possible, store all the medications together for ease of use and convenience.
  • Pain medications or other controlled substances should be safely stored out of reach of children and other “curious” adults.

You’ll be left with a cleaner, better organized, and smaller medication supply.  This will also reduce the likelihood you go out and buy more allergy medication when Spring rolls around; because you know you already have some!

Happy New Year!

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