How to better manage diabetes? Include a Pharmacist in your care team.

Diabetes affects approximately every 1 in 11 people in the United States. As a very difficult condition to manage, it’s important for these patients to receive coordinated and personalized care. Here’s an example of how a Tria clinical pharmacist identified an issue with a patient’s medications that saved him and the plan more than an annual estimated $23,000.

Identified Issue:
A Tria patient with diabetes was having difficulty affording his medications, and as a result he was non-compliant with his insulin therapy.  He was prescribed a brand name medication for his chronic pain that cost him more than $100 dollars per month.  Due to the cost of his pain medications, the was not taking his insulin as prescribed and his HgA1C was over 10%.

Tria Solution:
Tria Pharmacist recommended generic alternatives for his pain and a lower costing alternative for his insulin therapy.  The patient’s physicians agreed with the changes, and the patient started using his insulin as prescribed and his pain was well controlled.

The Result?
After three months of adherence with his insulin regimen, his HgA1C improved from 10.8% to 7.7%…a healthy and compliant patient!

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine No Longer Recommended for 2016-17 Season

The flu shot is recommended every year for EVERYONE 6 months and older. It is up to 75% effective at preventing influenza in those who get the vaccine. Recently a new kind of flu vaccine became available, FluMist, which is the nasal spray version. This type of flu vaccine has been widely used since its creation, especially in children as it is not an intramuscular injection (into the shoulder). Unfortunately, the previous few flu seasons have shown this type of vaccination is less effective than the shots. Because of this information, it is recommended NOT to use FluMist as a means of influenza vaccination this year.

Review the updated influenza vaccination recommendations from the CDC to help keep your family safe this season. Learn how to spot the warning signs of the flu in your children by watching this video.